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A baby changing pad isn’t just a soft place to change your baby. It also protects surfaces from the mess of changing a diaper. If a mess is made you just have to take off the cover and toss it in the washer.

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  • Fashion-forward parents will relish this early opportunity for parent-baby matching with these adorable crib sneaker versions of the iconic tennis shoe.
  • I’m also a minimalist, so it’s kind of freaks me out how much stuff I actually need.
  • We were very grateful in the sense that a lot was gifted from family/blogging.

Would you love to build up your baby’s library without adding specific books to your registry? Just make a note in your welcome message that you would treasure gifts of favorite childhood books. You can make similar notes about toys or clothes in lieu of actually adding those items to your registry.

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When they’re done stacking, they can push the elephant’s tail to watch him sneeze and send the rings tumbling down! Recommended for babies 6 months old to kids up to 4 years old. This plush ball has eight colors and patterns to help baby learn about colors and texture.

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We also LOVED how easy it was to move back and forth between our room and her room. Babies are used to hearing a lot of noise when they are in utero, so it’s comforting when they hear white noise. The ones that I recommend are from Dohm and the Sleep Shusher. I also love this one that clips for on-the-go white noise.

Add a baby monitor with two cameras to your second baby checklist, and you can set up the extra camera to watch your older kid while you’re getting your baby down for a nap. That way you can focus on getting your baby calmed down and rest assured knowing you’re keeping your big kid safe, too. And it will also be the thing to allow you to relax your arms for once from cradling a baby. The great thing about BabyList, other than being able to basically register for everywhere at once, is that you can take it on the go. As in, you can download the official app which is available in both the Apple and Android markets. So not only can you access and edit your own list, but others who get the app can get to it too, any time they want.

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You can manage your account online and via the MyRegistry app. MyRegistry charges a small transaction fee for cash gift funds. With your Amazon Baby Registry, you receive a discount on selected items found in Amazon’s various departments. These include baby, maternity, toys, beauty, drugstore, and grocery departments. Just install the Amazon Assistant to access a universal wish list. You can use this feature to add items from any website.

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We’ve included gifts from a range of stores, but as always, we urge you to consider independent retailers and support small businesses. Are any of you going with a website where you can upload items for multiple stores? If so, what did you use and was it easy for people to use? I think it would be idea, but have never tried it. However, to avoid overlooking the wedding ideas suggestions in the back, you should check out all of our results. Wedding dress shopping is one thing, but in my opinion, shopping for your future home seems much more appealing.

Chances are you aren’t going to hold the baby 24/7 and running her up to her bassinet every time I need to do something two handed for 2 seconds seemed a bit extreme. Okay, maybe not the most traditional registry item! Again, we moved pretty quickly after the baby arrived, so we held off on all furniture for as long as possible. While our daughter slept through the night be 8 weeks thanks to our bassinet of choice, the SNOO, I was not. I kept waking up thinking I’d hear her – look over and she’d still be sleeping!

This portable changing pad is washable and folds up to fit perfectly in the diaper bag without taking up too much space. I think Amazon is by far the best baby registry for all these reasons you’ll read below. Even if it wasn’t always calming our daughter down, it actually soothed her dad and I. The songs aren’t annoying as you’ll find with some baby toys and the sound box can be pulled out to give this soothing sheep a good ol’ bath when it’s tossed in the wash with baby’s spit rags. This BABYBJÖRN travel crib has always been my hands-down favorite when it comes to portable playards!

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