With the rapid growth in research and development in medicine , LASIK has come forth as one of the greatest achievements . It is a quick and convenient techiniquec to correct the various eye defects that were till date treated only traditionally visit chronicparadise.cc.
Before we begin to understand what exactly LASIK is let us first look at the common eye defects that this surgery treats .

What a normal eye looks like

This is a reference structure of an eye and the various parts its consists.

Defects of the eye

The most common eye defects are near sightedness , far sightedness and astigmatism imparing vision .

What LASIK does to the eye

LASIK ( Laser assisted in Situ-keratiomiulesis) is a surgical procedure that corrects the common eye defects with the help of laser aids . A laser or blade is used to create a thin flap in the cornea and remove certain tissues which in turn helps in redirecting the light to fall on it and improve vision .

Types of LASIK

Depending on the preference of a patient and the available technique a LASIK may be Conventional , IntraLasik or a PRK form of surgery .
In each case a different procedure is adopted to correct the defect .
On one hand where the IntraLasik technique allows a person to opt for blade free treatment , PRK hasn’t gained too much popularity due to its low success rate . This technique May tend to work better newphaseblends with people who have thin corneas or who May suffer from chronic dry eye . Also this technique uses the longest recovery time . The blade free LASIK on the other hand is more popular since it avoides any incision and post surgery discomfort.

Recovery time :
The healing process starts almost immediately after the surgery . People often get discharged within a few hours and also return to their usual routine within 24 hours .

Risk factors :
Fortunately LASIK eye surgery does not have any adverse effects . So far the patient satisfaction and success rates have been significant and sight threatening reports, if any have been extremely rare .
Also if side effects occur in a particular case , they too can be treated via advanced surgical procedures or medical treatment

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